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Tip for financial success #4: Invest in energy saving technologies for your home

I believe we have experienced at some point in time, the situation where a tap was left on at home and it ended up “flooding” our homes because we were away at work. With the introduction of a new year, comes the introduction of new and emerging technologies. Hence, it is only fitting that I challenge you to consider technologies that will provide some energy savings to your home beyond this year.

To those of us who intend to give our homes a facelift or are building our homes, consider the installation of automatic light regulators that put on the light at sunset and put them off at sunrise.

Also, you can consider the installation of automatic water regulators (with or without sensors) that shut off the water (taps, showers, etc.) after some time to conserve water. The installation of such technologies may appear initially expensive; however, some are actually not expensive to adopt. Hence, spend some time to research to find options to fit your budget.

In the long run, these energy-saving technologies will save you some money as energy consumption in the country becomes cumulatively expensive.

Written by: Bernard Adu-Gyamfi

Bernard Adu-Gyamfi (M.CFIA) is an Enterprise Banker as well as an Energy Finance and Risk Analyst with over 10 years’ experience in Banking. He is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Financial and Investment Analysts, Ghana (CIFIAG).

Source: Glitz Africa Magazine Issue 18

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