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Glitz Africa Weekend Watch list

Ghanaians are very familiar with great television shows and programming. In the tireless 90s and early 2000s era, watching too much TV was not an exhausting itinerary, kind courtesy the great wealth of shows that coloured our television screens.

Easy to access (traditional media) and relatable storylines, these shows waged a stealthy campaign that steamed much interest in local content. Close to a decade, the existence of international shows and regular programs from neighbouring African countries did not outrun the cult influence that accompanied these shows.

Adults were very much inclined with the campus life shenanigans that was paraded in ‘Sun City’. Older folks subscribed to the witty escapades of a fake Borga in ‘Dada Boat’, while sipping the chaotic, but humorous family drama ‘Home Sweet Home’.

Currently, the real-life depictions of authentic Ghanaian stories told effortlessly with relatable characters and plots is almost hard to come by. Forget the power the feeling of nostalgia has over us. These shows, despite a few forgivable technical misses, were truly fun and entertaining to watch.

In all these releases and more, one thing stayed constant across board: quality entertainment. Despite the elements, the industry has done more harm than good to these projects. The bulk of 80s and 90s projects remain outside streaming platforms, recruited by Hollywood and Nollywood in keeping both old and new productions. It has become a difficult mission in sourcing beloved old tales and shows that guarded our childhood memories.

To quench your thirst for classic Ghanaian shows, we have outlined below some pleasing works that archive as the defining period of Gollywood.

‘Things We Do for Love’

Synopsis: ‘Things We Do for Love’ is about youths and their lives at school and home, with their parents getting in their way. Pusher is in a relationship with Dede, but has other girlfriends. He is the cause of nearly all the trouble in the neighbourhood. His friend BB seeks ideas from Pusher to attract Marcia. However, Marcia’s brother has romantic feelings for Dede. Shaker plays a Lebanese working in a hotel and a womanizer who could make a lady “melt” with his sweet words. His personality leads him into embarrassing incidents. His attempts to use those charms on Enyonam won’t work either as she is in love with a calm guy in the neighbourhood, although they are both unable to live in this dreamland called Love, as she lives in fear of her Father.

Show Creator: Ivan Quashigah

Cast: Jackie Appiah, Majid Michel, Adjetey Anang

Available to watch: YouTube

‘Sun City’


Synopsis: The television series was set in the university environment to tell a story of the relationships, studying and other daily experiences of university students.

Cast: Suzzy Williams, Ekow Smith-Asante, Van Vicker

Available to watch: YouTube

‘Taxi Driver’


Synopsis: Taxi Driver was a very hilarious TV show that captured that day-to-day life of Ghanaians moving from place to place and also had some very important lessons to share.

Cast: Psalm Adjetefio

Available to watch: YouTube

‘Home Sweet Home’

Synopsis: This program portrays how a family relates to each other and the growth and the challenges they face.

Cast: Rama Brew, Kojo Dadson, John Apea, Evelyn Addo

Available to watch: YouTube

‘About to Wed’

Cast: John Dumelo, Beverly Afaglo

Available to watch: YouTube


Cast: Kofi Adjorlolo, Pascaline Edwards

Available to watch: YouTube

‘Dada Boat’

Synopsis: The story is set in Accra, Ghana where a young man named Dada Boat, played is involved in various comical situations and scams. The comedy in Dada Boat arises from his attempt to imitate African-American hip-hop culture, which is somewhat frowned upon by the Ghanaian locals. He is often seen wearing various items of jewellery and in particular, a large chain.

Cast: Mikki Osei Berko

Available to watch: YouTube

‘Inspector Bediako’

Synopsis: It portrayed the character of a young intelligent detective who catches criminal using various investigative methods of which he succeed no matter the situation.

Cast: Oscar Provencal

Show Creator: Kojo Yankah

Available to watch: YouTube

‘District Colonial Court’


SYNOPSIS: ‘Colonial Court’, is set in the country’s colonial period—a time toward which Ghanaians still harbor mixed feelings.

Cast: Kofi Laing

Available to watch: YouTube



Cast: Grace Omaboe, David Dontoh

Available to watch: YouTube

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