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OH My Hair on the wig cap rave: Business & Tips

Frontal wigs seem to be the new favourite for most ladies these days. Why do you think they are hugely patronised now?

Wigs are a protective style. They help women who have experienced hair loss especially around the edges. Wearing wigs also saves time for working class women who have little or no time for hair maintenance. Frontal wigs are particularly attractive because of the variety of options available in the styling process.

Are there particular people you wouldn’t recommend wearing wig caps to?

No. Wigs go beyond barriers of age and other characteristics. Every woman can rock a wig regardless of her age.

What should one look out for when purchasing hair wigs?

Quality, durability, affordability and texture.

What advice do you have for ladies who have headaches when wearing wig caps?

Most ladies get headaches because of how tight the wigs are made. My advice is to have your head measured prior to getting the wig made so it fits your head perfectly. That prevents headaches.

What is the cost range for frontal hair wigs?

Wigs cost as low as GHC 200 and as high as GHC 8,000.

How is the hair business faring now as compared to five years ago? Are less or more people wearing hair wigs now and why?

The hair market has grown rapidly over the last five years. There were only a few people selling hair then. This has changed, as hair is very essential for women. More women have grown to realise just how convenient wigs are.

Where do you source for your hair: locally or internationally?

I source my hairs internationally; from India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brazil and China.

What do you look out for when sourcing for hair?

The quality of the strands as well as their texture.

How helpful has social media been to your business?

Social media has been very influential to the success story of my business. As a leading advertisement tool for many businesses including my own, it has opened up my business to customers from all over the world.

What are your top five tips for maintaining hair wigs?

  • Always brush your hair from the tips and work your way up to the roots gently.
  • Use a heat protectant to blow dry, curl or straighten.
  • Apply light oils if preferred, to maintain straight and wavy hairs.
  • For curly hair, moisten hair with water followed by a creamy moisturiser or curl enhancer.
  • Wash wigs at least once a month.

What tip can you give for bringing back the lush to dull-looking hair wigs?

Deep conditioning. Always deep condition your wig for at least six hours or more. It brings back all dull-looking hair to life.

By: Mami Gyamfua Yeboah

Founder, OH my hair

IG: @oh_my_hairr

Featured in Glitz Africa Magazine issue 26


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