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How to Spend Wisely on Clothing

The economy these days calls for smart spending. We may have a lot of things we want to own but we would have to sacrifice some for those we actually need at one point in time. Sometimes, we splurge on ourselves a little bit to reward ourselves for some good work done; but it shouldn’t be the norm or else you will constantly find yourself in the red.

Aside food/groceries, utilities and accommodation, our wardrobe does have a significant say in our finance allocation. You don’t necessarily have to overspend in order to look good. You can spend within your means and still appear smart.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind;

  1. Buy what you actually need.

Take time to go through your closet to get a fair idea of what you already have. It is possible to forget some articles of clothing you own when you haven’t worn them for a while. You can decide to sell or give away anything you don’t wear anymore or no longer fits so you know your current wardrobe situation.

Clearing out your closet is not a reason to get replacements. This is to find out what types of clothing you have enough of, what you actually need more of and what you don’t have at all.

  1. Know when to spend more for quality’s sake.

It doesn’t sound like a sound idea to buy the priciest brand of clothing which wear out quickly, socks for example. However, spending more money on a pair of higher quality, longer lasting shoes or bags may save you money in the long run.

Note that price doesn’t guarantee quality. It is better to do some research on which brands are durable rather than assume the most expensive brand is of best quality.

Wait until the item you need goes on sale when possible to save some money. But don’t use sales as an excuse to purchase items you don’t need.

  1. Try less expensive clothing stores.

If you patronize secondhand clothing shops/vendors, then you know that they carry surprisingly high-quality items. You get to acquire brand new items of clothing at a slashed price.

If you can’t find what you are looking for at such stores, buy cheap, generic brands. A designer logo does not indicate a higher quality and some of them could be fake.

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