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7 Reasons Why Learning Foreign Languages are Important

The world is fast-changing into a global village and language barrier should no longer be used as an excuse not to interact with other people from the other side of the globe. Thanks to the internet and online courses both free and paid, one can choose to learn a foreign language from the comfort of one’s home, school or office.

By learning a new language, one moves from being a native of a country to being a global citizen. Reasons why you should consider learning foreign languages in this era include;

  1. You increase your chances of working or studying abroad.

There are so many work and study abroad opportunities one can get access to via becoming bilingual and multilingual. You can choose to do your undergraduate and/or graduate programs abroad and take advantage of the quality education overseas. Those who work in multinational companies may be transferred to another country where the people speak another language. For anyone to feel comfortable enough in a foreign land, being able to speak and understand their language is key.

  1. Bring international business to your company

Speaking a common language fosters trust among people so pitching a business proposal to a foreign client in his native language is a big plus for any local company. International clients would feel more comfortable with a potential business partner who can speak their language.

  1. Become Indispensable

Being able to speak one or more international languages makes you more valuable to your employer as you can relate to foreign clients on the company’s behalf. This increases your chances of being hired and decreases the likelihood of being fired during a retrenchment.

  1. Have a better understanding of the world

How better would one understand someone’s culture and background than to speak the language? Behind every language lies cultural values and traditions and speaking another language besides your own offers you the opportunity to better appreciate foreign cultures.

  1. Enjoy travel experiences and make new friends

Being bilingual or multilingual gives you the chance to make friends across the globe; not just on Facebook where little interaction might take place but real friends. This would enrich your living experience if you get the chance to visit many countries in your lifetime.

  1. Think more flexibly

If you are able to speak more than one language, your problem solving and abstract thinking skills will be more flexible and creative.

  1. Relate better with your students

If you are a teacher and you speak other languages apart from your local dialect, you can better interact with your students from different ethnic backgrounds who may have challenges with a particular subject or topic.


Convinced enough? There are several apps and online courses available for your use. Do well to take advantage of them and become a global citizen.

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