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Glitz Interview with Mac Senior Artist, Marco Louis on TOME Show

  1. Describe the looks on the runway.

The looks for this season are really great for me as opposed to a lot of the colour stories that we keep seeing, there is a big play of fiction. Even if everything looks supernatural, there is definitely a very clever way placing things on parts of the face that makes it look a bit more authentic and super hyped and I love the idea that it gives a super human feel. When it comes to Tome, the looks are based on Studio Fix Fluid which we all know is super iconic foundation from Mac. It would appear that there was a little wax texture that creates a very beautiful story.


  1. What inspired the look for the creation? Was it based on the collection?

When it comes to the collection, I feel that for this season is that they wanted something that is very effortless and at the same time, thought out. This is what is special about makeup this season; the contradiction such that she is super deluxe as well as effortless and also conscious about the way one wears makeup. Even if it’s natural skin, it is thought out and taken care of. This is definitely a comfortable skincare routine.


  1. Who is the target audience?

This is for all sexes, models from every size to every age and every skin tone. The target audience was everybody that is why it was a perfect collaboration for us.


  1. When should one wear the look?

This is basically a day-to-day look. It’s just about taking care of your skin. From time of application to midday, there’s this easy flow of how your day goes, your foundation starts looking better and in replacing that, it’s really important in our markets especially that we don’t have to look artificial. It can just look like skin and it’s easy going. It looks like you and it fits perfectly into all times of the day. If you want to add it up at the end of the day, just add another coat and you are good to go.


  1. What are your expectations during and after the show?

During the show, we want to create the kind of things that people can relate to and make it easy for the public to understand. A lot of times, it becomes a giant creative thing by artists that tell a story but I love this season because it’s something you can do for everyday life not that it’s so simple to do but we are talking about making your makeup a lot more bespoke; pay attention to what your skin does and to the natural contours of your face, to the natural things that your eye brows and lashes do and what you can do to enhance that every day and make it better with little tips and tricks. We are not making extensive instagrammic textures but things for you to feel great with the way you wear your stuff just the way you do with fashion. So by the end of the show, I want women to identify that this a wearable look.


  1. What products did you use backstage and are they suitable for the African climate?

The great thing with glass textures and the way Mac does is that, there is a large variation with what we do with our tones and textures. We know glass textures are a thing obviously and we know how it works in Lagos or Ghana and many parts of West, East and Southern Africa as well. Cream colour base was a star player in the show and I think is great for Southern Africa. What is great about cream colour base is that, it will give you the texture that is almost glass or creamy but it’s set so you know it’s not going to move throughout the day. The reality with makeup is, it’s a lifestyle. So when you’re wearing heels out to a club, you know it’s going to be uncomfortable but you do it anyway. The same with makeup so if you are wearing a white shirt, don’t move your neck the entire evening.


  1. In terms of foundation, there’s obviously a different finish that comes with it. Which products did you use and will it work in the African continent?

We use Studio Fix Fluid and from an artist’s perspective, we know to manipulate these products. If you use a duo fibre brush like the 197 brush that we have and you buff that end into the skin, that’s going to give you a finish that is a little more modern and at the same time, give you all the things you enjoy about Studio Fix Fluid which I know people love. What was great was that, we paired Studio Fix Fluid with the all the glass textures so you get the glass and the cream textures in the areas where you want to move either the eyes or cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, underneath the eyebrows and the chin if you want to take it to the next level. Put it together and you still get Studio Fix Fluid and the full effect that you wanted with its modern tweaks, I guess.


  1. With Studio Fix Fluid, would you say it has staying power considering the climate on the African continent?

The Studio Fixed Fluid was designed for the camera; with full, flawless coverage with mattifying effect but it does work with your skin throughout so it will adapt to what your skin naturally does and then enhance it. The best part about the foundation is that, photographs and videos are absolute dreams and I know in West and Eastern Africa, they really enjoy that.

Check out some of the looks from Mac Cosmetics on the TOME show:

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