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Building your tribe of influence

“Attitude is greatly shaped by influence and association” – Jim Rohn

Influence is a very powerful thing. It is not always loud and explicit; it is often subtle and subconscious but, in every way, powerful. Believe it or not, we are like mirrors, bouncing off habits and attitudes of people we spend most times with.

That is why we have to be intentional about who we allow to influence us. As all fingers differ in length, so do we vary in strengths and weaknesses. As such, it is expected that we tap into different strengths from different people.

Some people are good at staying consistent with delivering their tasks, organising people or projects and/or paying attention to detail, speaking well in public among other skills. By working alongside them, listening to their perspective on a number of issues and paying attention to their values and principles, we are able to absorb some needed habits and think outside the box in order to become improved versions of ourselves.

In that vein, how would you assess yourself? What traits do you need to improve, maintain and unlearn? Who in your circle can help with that? If your circle of influence doesn’t inspire you to be, think and do better, then your need to reconsider the members is long overdue.

Your goals should determine your tribe of influence – the people who are ahead of you in your aspirations and yet still determined to keep improving. Don’t just associate with people because of what you intend to get from them. See yourself as someone worth adding to another’s self-development as well. Invest in your tribe as much they do in you. We all have something unique to offer to another regardless of how insignificant we might think of it.

Influence might be overrated a bit these days as most people equate it with high number of following on social media. Influence comes from people recognising that you have a set purpose in mind and are inspired to follow in your footsteps. Do people find you inspiring?

As the world is going virtual in almost every way, it is to be expected if you would rather be influenced by someone not in your immediate environment but across the continent. Lots of inspirational personalities leave digital footprints of their life journeys, tips and hacks to become as successful as they have. Take advantage of that as well.

Live with intention in every aspect of your life – including the people you would like to have an impact on you. Then let them know how much you appreciate their substance. They would cherish the moment forever.

By: Josephine Amoako

Featured in Glitz Africa Magazine Issue 27

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