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How emotionally healthy are you?

As officially defined by the World Health Organisation, health refers to a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Most people just determine their health and that of others by how they look physically and how they come across mentally. Another important aspect of our well-being has to do with our emotions. We are all emotional beings. Whatever happens to and around us affects and is influenced by our emotions.

According to PositivePsychology.com, there are some characteristics that show if one is emotionally healthy. Some of them are as follows:

Emotional dexterity

An emotionally healthy person is not immune to setbacks. You need to accept and understand that eventualities happen; hence, the need to have an open mind and a curious thought process. This will help you to not only survive but thrive through difficulties. This is only possible when you are self-aware and self-accepting; hence not becoming overwhelmed by events. Rather, you will be able to redirect emotions when needed, to navigate distress or euphoria.


To be wholly healthy, you must love yourself. It shouldn’t be an occasional practice; it needs to be regularly done with intention. Exercise self-compassion when things go wrong and take care of yourself by taking enough rest, eating well and keeping the body active as much as you can.

Strong coping skills

Having a strong coping skills’ toolkit is another quality of an emotionally healthy person. Practising these skills during calm times will result in higher levels of resilience when situations turn turbulent. It’s like preparing for battle. Adversity is inevitable in real life. Emotional capital is what you build when at peace, ready for use when issues arise.

Living with purpose

Having something to live for is always a necessity if you want to live a balanced and healthy life. When your concerns are more about helping others than concentrating on only yourself, you will develop a resilience against feeling beaten down after an obstacle.

Taking such a stance will equip you to allow emotions to pass with due acknowledgment and let them go in favour of the bigger picture or a greater good.

Kindness and integrity

As selflessness is a trait of an emotionally healthy person, it is often portrayed by kindness and a sense of integrity. Such a person does acts of kindness without expectation of a reward. Show compassion towards others just as you show compassion to yourself when the need arises.

Good stress management

How well you manage stress goes a long way to determine your emotional health. It is crucial to regularly practise moments of serenity. In chaotic moments, it is demonstrated by one’s calm composure; a trait often found in good leaders. Self-mastery requires the same. Do you have a strong hold of yourself when things get shaky?

As you work hard to stay fit physically and mentally, keeping check on your emotional health should equally be your priority.

Josephine Amoako

Supervising Editor & Blogger


 Featured in Glitz Africa Magazine issue 26

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