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What We Are Watching This Weekend

The entire month of March is an exciting period for Ghanaians, as the nation celebrates its 64th anniversary since Independence in 1957.

Formerly addressed as Gold Coast, Ghana’s unique cultural elements have been at the core of several transparent sectors that transport its rich values to the eyes and ears of outsiders. In as much as music, fashion, novels and tourism make the nation proud in their global presentations, Ghanaian movies offer a much visual understanding of what and how it feels to be paraded as a Ghanaian. Through traditional rooted storylines (be it fiction or real-life adaptation), old Gollywood to some extent, reversed the negative notion left behind by our Colonial Masters, while aligning our interest in the formed customs of the land.

In the classic 1989 film ‘Heritage Africa’, Kwaw Ansah offers a terrifying appreciation of how colonial officer Quincy Arthur Bosomfield struggles to reconstruct his African identity, which he sold for the respect of the white man, and help free his country from the shackles of colonialism at the same time. It captures the importance of staying true to one’s cultural beliefs, while outlining the aftermath dangers of colonialism.

Likewise, in the famous Egbert Adjesu 1970 film ‘I Told You So‘ Ghanaian audience are reminded of the basic definitions of tradition. It journeys through the life a young lady, who suffers abrupt damages after disregarding her father’s advice about her marriage. She overlooks the tradition that harmers on parental consent before marriage, only to be met with life crisis that cannot be erased for good.

Flagging such stories in the 70s, 80s, and 90s surged a great wealth of admiration in Gollywood, thereby paving way for current industry players, who now hone the fame and popularity affiliated with the industry.

As we celebrate Independence Day today, we revisit some of the charming works produced by our late filmmakers. The best part to it is that, they can all be watched on YouTube (the easiest streaming platform to reach).


‘I Told You So’ (1970)

Synopsis: It tells the story of a young lady who did not take the advice of her father when about to marry a man she did not know anything about, but rather took her mother’s and uncle’s advice because of the wealth and power the money has.

Cast: Margaret Quainoo, Bobe Cole, Kweku Crankson

Director: Egbert Adjesu

Available to watch: YouTube

‘Heritage Africa’ (1989)

Synopsis: A young man called Kwasi Atta Bosomefi who is a public servant during the colonial period rose up to the ranks power because of his relationship with the colonial masters. He also changed his name from Kwasi Atta Bosomefi to Quincy Arthur Bosomfield abandoned his culture and heritage and adopting that of his colonial masters.

Cast: Charles Kofi Bucknor, Peter Whitbread, Ian Collier, Anima Misa

Director: Kwaw Ansah

Available to watch: YouTube

‘Kukurantumi – Road to Accra’ (1983)

Synopsis: After Addey losses his job as cab driver, he tries to arrange a profitable marriage for his daughter.

Cast: David Dontoh, Evans Oma Hunter, Dorothy Ankomah

Director: King Ampaw

Available to watch: YouTube

‘The Boy Kumasenu’ (1952)

Synopsis: People drive a boy out of his village after he is accused of practicing witchcraft.

Cast: Guy Warren, Nortey Engmann

Director: Sean Graham

Available to watch: YouTube

‘Love Brewed in an African Pot’ (1980)

Synopsis: Aba, a young woman born to privilege, falls in love with the son of a fisherman.

Cast: Anima Misa

Director: Kwaw Ansah

Available to watch: YouTube

‘Diabolo’ (1992)

Synopsis: It tells a story of a man who has the power to transform into a serpent. He uses this power to sexually assault and kill women, mostly prostitutes. This role was played by Bob Smith Jnr, now referred to as Diabolo Man or Snake Man in the acting circles.

Cast: Prince Yawson, Bob Smith Junior, Eddie Coffie

Director: Bob Smith Junior

Available to watch: YouTube

‘Babina’ 2000

Synopsis: tells a story about a conflict between a witch called Babina, who was sent to the world to destroy the life of man, and the men of God who oppose her. It is an African horror film.

Cast: Kalsum Sinare, Prince Yawson

Available to watch: YouTube






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