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The Glitz Africa x Verna partnership: A Journey of Purpose & Impact since 2019

Glitz Africa fashion week and The Ghana Women of the Year Awards are widely sponsored by prestigious partners, making the event both honourable and memorable. Amongst such partners is VERNA mineral water, refreshing the audience as they stay entertained.

Africa’s exciting high-end celebrity, lifestyle, and fashion brand, which highlights the life of the contemporary African, GLITZ Africa, has partnered constantly with VERNA mineral drinking water on several events to keep their audience entertained and refreshed throughout the event.

The Twellium industrial Company, producers of Verna mineral water and Rush energy drink amongst other prestigious world class brands, have supported Glitz Africa consistently on several events, including the Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2020 and 2021, Ghana Women of the Year Awards 2021, and currently 2022.


Glitz Africa and Verna share a common vision of empowering women by creating platforms to show how much they care and want to help the contemporary woman.

Glitz Africa broadens the word style, fashion, and contemporary, thus sharing a common taste bud with Verna. The Verna bottle spells it all out as its design, softness, and colour complement modern fashion and style.

Moreover, giving back to society is why both industries do what they do and put in the hard work to achieve. Glitz Africa and Verna give back to the community through various corporate social responsibility initiatives and projects.

Every Glitz Africa event gives off quality, and so does Verna. They work in all capacities to give their target audience the best. Verna’s water is refined under quality and hygienic treatment and conditions, making it an endless choice for Glitz Africa as they seek to give the best to their audience. Every Glitz Africa event is poised with style, class, and quality, and Verna consistently has helped uphold that.

Verna is internationally recognized as it satisfies international standards through its several certifications. Glitz Africa is recognized internationally and propagates its contents to suit international standards. Thus, helping to deepen the bond between both parties as they understand the international standards and satisfy their every requirement.

Glitz Africa and Verna’s partnership has birthed tremendous and successful projects leaving their audiences in awe and satisfied owing to the common goal and vision both seek to achieve. The future holds no limit as both endlessly explore their vision-driven initiative to give the best to their consumers.

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