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Popular African snacks and appetizers

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food” – Paul Prudhomme

Africa has a number of mouthwatering and wonderful snacks derived from its mix of cultures and traditions.

Sweet Groundnuts– These lovely addictive candies peanuts are colour free. Made with some flour, eggs, milk and sugar/honey. Very crunchy and tastes delicious when munching whiles watching a movie.

Blacked Eye Peas Fritters (Koose)– Spicy crispy, crunch and irresistible fritters. They are made with fresh black eyed-peas, onions, hot pepper and salt to taste. Loved by many Ghanaians especially with their favorite millet porridge (hausa kooko).


Suya (Chicken or meat)– Who doesn’t love anything on a stick? Well, if you don’t- make them and send it to ME! Seriously you are going to love this SUPER POPULAR African beef on skewers. It’s spiced with pantry staple ingredients and peanuts. A little secret, try adding suya meat to your shawarma when next making one. You will love it! A must make.

Chin Chin– An African home wouldn’t be the same without this West African pastry. Once I pop, I can’t stop eating. Guess where I keep mine- In my wardrobe in my room. Why? Cause I eat the whole thing. No Kidding! My weakness.


Mandazi– These are one of my favorites and favorite among many readers. If you having a party, make these. They will fly of the table. Mini beignets made with grated coconut, spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg and fried to perfection. Light and addictive. Need I say more?

Crunchies – South African oatmeal bar. SO GOOD! SO NUTTY! They are great for an on-the-go breakfast.

Plantain Chips – Guilt free plantain chips are very great healthy alternative snack. Sweet, salty, exotic and crunchy. These can be baked or fried with very little oil. They produce a very satisfying tasty crunch.

African Meat Pie– Slightly sweet, flaky and crusty with a scrumptious filling. These beef pies are just incredible. A flaky buttery crust surrounding the most delicious fragrant beef filling.

Puff puff (Buff loaf)– Deep fried dough. The quintessential West African snack loved by kids and adults too.


Written by:

Chef Ewurakua



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