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Making food look good enough to wear by Biishville head chef

My name is Kwame Annom Amfo-Akonnor, Owner and Head Chef of Biishville. Biishville is a one chef food experience. Biishville offers private chef services, and hosts pop up events and also restaurant take overs. Biishville is known for promoting African food and flavours by modifying and presenting existing traditional recipes in a modern way; creating entirely new recipes and sharing them through its monthly pop up dining experiences and private catering. At Biishville, making food look good is as important as the taste of the food. Food presentation is an important part of all our dining experiences; from crisp table linen to sparkling plates to blending colours.

Food plays a very important role in our lives and most at times, the question raised is, “Should food look good to taste good?” Food presentation is very important and must be carefully considered by local food joints, restaurants and the hospitality industry as a whole.

Just as you watch your favorite waakye seller effortlessly arrange food items on the broad leaf and the local “check check” joint seller squeeze salad cream or mayonnaise on the salad before closing the pack, it shows how important food presentation is.

Usually, customers are attracted to how good the food looks or how good the aroma is. If food smells good and looks bad, it drives costumers away. Most importantly, the taste of the food should complement its looks. People will most likely try food that looks good but food appearance is just one factor to consider in the ultimate food experience; which goes beyond looks to taste, blend of flavours and aroma as well.

The way food looks, appeals to the eyes. No matter how delicious food may be, if it is not served to entice the eyes, it loses touch. Food presentation is an art and goes beyond just colours but takes into consideration choice of plate (using the appropriate plate/bowl) arrangements.

At Biishville, we stick to minimal presentation of food. A simple touch to a plate can bring out the beauty of the food. As much as food presentation is important, time must be considered. If too much time is spent on designing a plate, the food may be served cold which shouldn’t be so. Also, you have to be able to balance contrast, match portion sizes with plates to make the food look good.

To conclude, restaurants, food vendors and the hospitality industry must master the art of making food look as good as it tastes. If possible, workshops, training and development as well as food presentation classes should be organised by chefs for their staff and make sure the skill is mastered. Food should look good enough to wear.

Source: Glitz Africa Magazine Issue 19

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