Blue Aiva born Tebatso Mokoana, rose to fame across Africa for her sass, talent, and vivacious personality after gaining entry into the Big Brother Titans 2023 house while expressing herself unapologetically through her music, dance, creativity, and fashion.

Upon her recent trip to Ghana, we had the chance to meet, talk about her, her creative journey in the entertainment industry, and to create some magic this issue!

A rainy Sunday afternoon in Accra, I find myself anxiously waiting for Blue and her team to arrive at our set for her photos to be taken for this digital issue.

Anxious? Well, probably cautiously optimistic somewhat.

A day before we find ourselves here, the photoshoot scheduled earlier had to be postponed due to her very busy schedule and we almost never had the chance to make this happen.

Back to the Sunday, Blue finally arrives looking radiant, relaxed and ever the showgirl to give us her best.

She was so easy! The wild, bubbly titan we know from watching her on Big Brother had all but disappeared. Here she is, in athleisure, her hair loose, not a stitch of makeup on, just being herself. Her armour is lowered, her smile shy, and I’m a little stunned at how smoothly everything is going.

She isn’t called the “Smooth Operator” for nothing, I say to myself.

I’m so struck by how tranquil she is while her hair and makeup are being done even under the pressure from the limited time we have to pull this off.

The multitalented dancer, DJ, and singer from Johannesburg grew up in a musically inclined home, inheriting her family’s passion for the arts from the age of four, and has never stopped dancing and singing ever since. Once she’s done being prepped, is where I catch glimpses of the “Smooth Operator” in action. At this point, everyone on set could see and feel her devotion to professionalism and dedication to her craft and image.

New music is coming – a thrilling abundance of it, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In what might be her most anticipated musical project to date, at the core of it all is bringing joy and spreading fun and happiness to the world and most especially her fans; the “Blue Diamonds”.

Blue is here is stay and the world better prepare!


Here’s BLUE AIVA: THE NEXT CHAPTER in her own words.


What is your favourite memory of growing up in Limpopo, SA?

I have a lot of fun memories growing up as a child. My most favourite memories would be dancing with friends, watching my uncles do music, listening to music from different artists, and listening to stories from my grandfather.

How would you say your upbringing has influenced who you are now?

My upbringing has influenced me in a good way – It shaped me into who I am today. I was brought up in a musical family and that’s precisely what I am doing.

Africa and the world got to know you through Big Brother Titans, what was the experience like for you?

Big Brother: Titans was an amazing experience. I learned a lot from Big Brother!

What was your favourite moment in the house?

Everything! It was a great learning curve and I enjoyed each and every moment of it.

Fame after Big Brother, how are you holding up? Did you expect this level of fame at all?

Of course, I did! This is what I have been waiting for. This is what I have always wanted and we are still going to the top!

If Blue Aiva wasn’t known for Big Brother, what would she most probably be known for?

Blue Aiva will be known for her music, being a DJ, an artist, a hype woman, a video vixen, and a model.

How would you say your personal relationship with your fellow housemates played out? Would you have it any other way?

Not really! Everything happens for a reason and I am just grateful that I’m still good with the people I was good with in the house.

Do you think people misunderstood you in the house?

Yes, they did! They judged me without knowing who I really am, and that’s a shame but it’s okay.

Do you have a particular strategy for Blue Aiva, the brand, going forward?

Absolutely! I have to work with strategy; this is real life, and whatever action I take will determine my future.

What misconception about you would you like to clear up?

Nothing! Believe what you want to believe.

Between dance and music, which one is your favourite?

Both, why do I have to choose if I have it all?

What do you like most about Ghana?

Ghana is peaceful and I am really enjoying my time here.

Which Ghanaian artist would you like to collaborate with?

That’ll have to be King Promise.

Have you tried any Ghanaian food yet, what is your favourite?

Ghana Jollof.

What song are you currently vibing with?

Terminator-King Promise

Who are your musical influences?

Almost everyone has something unique about them so I learn one or two things from them but mostly Nicki Minaj.

What was your creative process behind making your music?

The idea is to bring sexiness into my music which a lot of my fans relate to. Also, I realized there’s a gap in the genre of music I make now and I decided to fill it.

Who would you most like to collaborate with artistically?

That’s a very long list because I have a lot of artists I’m open to working with. However, Nicki Minaj would be my first pick.

What word best describes your music and why?

FUN! There’s no way you are going to sit down while my music is playing.

Your new single is titled “Abangan’bami”.  For your global audience, what does the word “Abangan’bami” mean?

“Abangan’bami” means “My Friends “.

What can your fans expect as you release Abangan’bami and Frontal?

Abangan’bami drops today then Frontal the following week. People should expect to dance and have fun. That’s the Blue Aiva effect; they know I don’t play games. The songs are amazing!

What’s the backstory behind Abangan’bami and Frontal?

When I made Abangan’bami I was thinking about all my friends, my fans, and everyone who supports me. I want to celebrate them and thank them for everything they do for me.

Frontal was done right after I was finished shooting Abangan’bami visuals. I got in the studio; my producers made a crazy beat and I jumped on it. I was wearing a Frontal and it looked good hence we made a song about it. I featured Mr. Nation – a dope, dope artist, we killed that song and I have a special feature, you’ll find out when the song drops.

What should we expect from Blue Aiva going forward? Any projects you’re currently working on?

Yes, working on my EP which will be dropping soon. The EP is titled Yonkinto’isexy. There are many other things as well, you’ll just have to stay tuned. The operation is too much! And as I always say Tebatso is the name; Blue Aiva is the Game.

Zodiac sign?

I am a Taurus.

Favourite Fashion Item?

My Sunglasses, I can’t leave the house without them.

Favourite Makeup Item?

A Foundation or Concealer, those are my favourites.

GLITZ Africa Digital Issue 14 – BLUE AIVA: The Next Chapter


Creative Director: Emmanuel Wilson Krofah (@themanny_)
Art Director: Olabisi Suliyat (@cwabeniade)
Photography: Adome Daniel (@aims.fotography)
Videography: @iophotosgh
Outfit: @boyedoe_
Stylist: Olabisi Suliyat (@cwabeniade)
Hair & Make Up: Dede Tiyo (@tiyos_beautybank)

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