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A New Age Womenswear Designer – BIIO

The idea that the fast rising Ghanaian Womenswear designer, Nathaniel Bio, is creating a disruptive narrative and pushing the envelope isn’t for nothing. BIIO’s debut and sophomore collections have been true to form by questioning the status quo and asking why in the face of the mundane.

The brand does this effortlessly, with women in the center of it all, with an edgy silhouette, interesting cuts and patterns and above all a fresh aesthetic!

In 2012, with a thread, needle and some scrap print from his mother’s fabric collection, the first BIIO garment was assembled in their living room that would turn into a workshop. A few amateur running stitches, a Facebook post and 2 likes later, the concept of BIIO was born. As an introverted 17 year old with speech issues, expressing himself had always been a struggle but on that day he made my first garment and found his voice. A voice he needed to question the status quo he grew up on. 9 years down the line and a brand launch later, the vision has stayed same –  to share stories that constantly challenge our programming and causes his audience to unlearn and reprogram their minds.



“Growing up, every time we tried to question why we had to act and think in a very programmed manner, the answer was ‘It’s always been that way’. To him, this is an answer he has never given in to because he believed every programmed action or thought process must have a source.

BIIO’s Debut collection ‘The Programming’ takes a look at one of those sources, School. With a modern spin on School uniforms, the collection explores the concept of freedom in the tools that were used to stifle our individuality during our formative years. Including having our intelligence weighed on a scale of 1 to who could regurgitate word for word, ‘What is Photosynthesis?’

The collection also explores the two tone aesthetic of Ghanaian school uniforms coupled with embroidered art that features the iconic ‘graduate portrait’ that is found on exercise books used in primary schools. At the tail end of the programming story, there still remains a common goal for the mind of a new generation: to unlearn, break from the programming and love who we are. Which has and will always be the core ethos of the brand.

Even if we still don’t know what the hell photosynthesis is!


Creative direction by @__naethan
Set design & Art Direction by @dharrren
Styling by @_naethan & @neal_davids
Make up by @beauty_priskription
Production by @ekowbarnes_ & @nii_king_
Prod. Assistants @dzahboy_ & @kofiboakye_
Shot by @_abdularafat
Models @naelarh & @ezra_tamaa

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