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The DOs and DON’Ts on the Red Carpet: from featured Stylists & Makeup Artists

It’s officially the week of style as we look forward to the most glamorous night in fashion, Glitz Style Awards!

This Saturday at the Mövenpick Ambassador hotel, Africa will once again be clothed with the best gowns and suites as our celebrities will walk the red carpet looking their best. Since it’s Africa, some may want to represent the culture in grand style whiles others may choose to go for the everyday Hollywood kind of red carpet slaying, but in all we are assured of getting jaw-stuck with their styles.

In as much as we are anxious to see who will wear what and what, our guests plus nominees can’t also wait to glam up for the red carpet and we are also ready to host them. Kind courtesy of our 19th issue which was themed ‘The Mega Style Issue’, we have compiled a couple of conversations we had with our featured stylists and makeup artists about the dos and don’ts on the red carpet, which embodies posing well for the cameras, slaying well in the gown and ultimately the Nos when it comes to makeup.

With our stylists, we found out what most celebrities get wrong when it comes to red carpet events and a diverse of opinions were shared by them.

According to our current nominee for the Stylist of the Year, Kelvin Vincent, most celebrities cause their own downfall.

“Most celebrities don’t book stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists for red carpet events on time so most of their activities are rushed. There could be a lot of pinning and fitting problems on the day of the event, have their undergarments sticking out, bad makeup or sweaty, anxious and exhausted look,” said Kelvin.

For Karen Kash Kane, when a celebrity tries to outdo another celebrity on the red carpet, it sends out a wrong statement. “The first thing most celebrities get wrong is trying to outdo one another. Everybody wants to look extraordinary and sometimes, in the attempt to do so, one ends up looking over-the-top,” she disclosed. Karen went further to offer advice, which celebrities need to keep in mind so as to look natural, but glamorous on the red carpet.

She said, “People should understand that coming to the red carpet means being you and not portraying a different image or personality. We are used to seeing celebrities having particular individual styles on the red carpet, so if you try to go beyond that, you might get it wrong.”

The pretty face stylist and of course our two-time Glitz Style Awards winner, Afua Rida was not left out in the conversation. Afua belongs to the school of thought of  ‘Do not follow the crowd’. She explained, “The biggest thing for me is fitting and understanding one’s body type. It seems people just think that, when you go on the red carpet, you have to do the most shimmering fabric or have the craziest style and weave. But you don’t have to. Know your body shape and style yourself accordingly and make sure the clothes fit you. I will say, do not become a crowd follower. Don’t do something because it will be safe. Be yourself.”

The newest mama on the block, Akosua Vee, grouped her advice for the red carpet in four different areas all summing up to the best way to rock the red carpet.

Body Posture on the red carpet – You know how you’re advised to try on your dress for size fitting days before the day of the event? Same with your pose. Perception is everything and you want to be sure you serve the right side of things, even on the red carpet.

Purse over bags – Ladies especially have to weigh every single fashion choice on a scale. In all of these choices, be advised to pick a purse over a bag. There’s a lot going on already to add the extra weight of a bag. As a stylist, I’d advise total freedom. No purse or clutch at all. However, some ladies would prefer to have something to hold. If that is the case, then choose a purse over a bag.”

If you are a snob on a normal day, just put it on hold for the sake of the red carpet, Akosua advised.  “The red carpet is  not the place to snob. Whether you’re anti-social or have a reserved personality, make the effort to smile at fans. Whoever is looking at you deserves a smile. Let the cameras catch you excited to be on the red carpet.”

Heels over sandals/slip-ons – Heels don’t lie when they serve you up as a tall glass of chocolate ice cream.”

The red carpet is not just about wearing the pretty gown, but also letting the facial do the talking. Our featured make-up artists also gave some education on the No-Nos when it comes to make-up.

Sandra Don Arthur, “Mismatching foundations to your skin tone and also un-blended and caked-on foundation.”

Valerie Lawson, “Not matching the shade of complexion of your neck and chest to your face, not blending well.”

Now let’s get ready to rock the red carpet in grand style! See you on Saturday.

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