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Rise Up And Dream Your Biggest Dream

As I write to you I know it’s a great honour because I’m writing to some of the most hard working, brilliant, loving and strong Individuals on the face of the earth. Yes, I’m speaking to you, that’s if you’re a woman.  Don’t get me wrong, men have these characteristics as well but finally the world is embracing the fact that women have had to be all that and a bag of chips, with the odds stacked against them. Oh and did I forget to mention we do all this in heels. Some do it bare footed. So I’m referring to women.

The beautiful, statuesque queens of the planet. The ones whose shoulders their husbands can lean on and their children can cry on. The ones whose heart will fight for their family but love all so tenderly. Not “woe be unto man” like so many say, making us seem like a problem to the human race. NO, not that at all, but the most beautiful and underestimated part of the human race. The problem solvers and multitaskers that function as the backbone of society.

I’m writing to mothers that wake up before the sun is up and go to sleep late with bodies aching but enduring and sacrificing for the good of their families.

I’m writing to the mother that is juggling work, family, keeping her marriage strong and all the opinions of society.

I’m writing to the housewife who cooks the best meals and to the one who burns the meals. I’m writing to the self-conscious mother who is a little heavier than she used to be and has stretchmarks or more rightly called badges of honour she hides while wondering if her prince charming still has eyes for the once young slim and vibrant young damsel.

I’m writing to the insecure but intelligent young girl who is trying her best to face a world where she begins with uncertainty and fears thinking the odds are stacked against her when in actuality, she can overcome all odds.

This message is to the student with her dreams written on paper who hopes that someday she will measure up to the great value placed on her brother or just study hard enough to earn a title that makes her family proud.

I’m writing to the pregnant mother who is excited about the way her life will change, but I’m also writing to the girl who is hiding her pregnancy and contemplating abortion because of shame and uncertainty.

Last but not least, I’m writing to the divorced woman, and the abused woman who wonders if everything that is going wrong is because of their mistakes and insecurities.

Never let your situation define you. You are more powerful, valuable and much stronger than you know. Never let those battles in and take down your giants. Only you can walk your path. Within you is everything you need to overcome your specific battles and to change the world. So don’t give up. As women we underestimate ourselves. We are always looking at what we do wrong and that blurs our vision from what we are actually doing right. We often seek out the opinions of others to add value to who we are. Our own self-doubt and our sense of uncertainty causes us to sell ourselves short.

Remember, you can only become as great as you believe. Family, friends and associates can affirm you but no matter what people say to affirm you, until you begin to correct your beliefs about yourself and change the way YOU see YOU, there will always be that feeling of insufficiency. We doubt our greatness. As women we can be presidents, queens, government officials, business owners, judges, police, scientists etc. We can change the world in great ways. It all starts with believing it.

When I was a little girl, I had a desire to be all kinds of things. In the midst of all the difficulties my family faced, I dreamed and prayed. I never stopped dreaming because sometimes all I had keeping me going was my God and my dreams. At one point I wanted to be a lawyer so I found people to debate with. It was probably more like arguing. Then I wanted to be a journalist because I admired the way they communicated and how they brought stories to life in such interesting ways. Then I started writing a book around the age of 13. I would let my friends read chapters till one day the book went missing. I later discovered that the many roles I imagined had everything to do with me wanting to be an Actress. I didn’t know that then.

Many things I did as a child prepared me for now. We as women have greatness wrapped up on the inside of us that must be let out. Whether it means being great wives, business women, mothers, teachers, lawyers, presidents, inventors, government officials or wherever our destiny leads us, we must make impact and not underestimate ourselves. We may feel inadequate, devalued, ugly or insufficient but that is not our truth. Truth is we are more valuable, capable and beautiful that we know. You are most beautiful in your current state. Set goals but love yourself all the way to the finish line.

To the to the tired mom holding down her family, get some rest beautiful, but wake up knowing that your work is not in vain; you are creating a legacy that will live on for generations.

To the working mom keeps leaping over hurdles and redefining the role of women in the corporate world, you’re a “Bawssss”, but remember you are only one person so don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re doing great, now give them a run for their money.

To the housewife with the badges wrongly named stretchmarks, you are a veteran. Congratulations! You came near death and fought for nine months to bring forth life. You may not like those badges any more than I like mine, but they are a testimony of the battle you have been through.

To the school girl don’t be so afraid and don’t wait for the years to pass by before you recognize that you are more capable and brilliant that you think. Don’t sell yourself short.

To the teen who is pregnant it is not the end of your beautiful life. Don’t let people’s words frame you. You must keep faith so you can create your reality. We all make mistakes. If I wrote about the ones I made, it would probably fill a library. Encourage yourself knowing you are still just at the beginning of your journey.

To all women, do not give up.

Submitted by:

Tinell Dickens

Actress, Philanthropist, Minister

Facebook: Tinell Dickens

Instagram: @tinelldickens

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