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Interview With Award Winning Make-Up Artist, Eva Jane Bunkley

Learning what your quirks are help to define who you become as a person. Sometimes, life does not always go the way you want and that is how Eva Jane Bunkley has come to define her life. Eva Jane has throughout her life created her own mark while still remaining true to who she is. With two Emmys to her name, it is no wonder this makeup stylist has defined what beauty is to her. She is keen on her faith and how that defines the way she relates to the beauty industry.


Eva Jane Bunkley is a professional free-lance makeup artist. She started working in the beauty industry in 1993 and has not looked back. Her style has been described as ‘relaxed and natural’ and this is a reflection on her own personality. She has worked in television for many years. She earned her first two Emmy Awards for her work with FOX and ABC News. She has had the privilege of working with President Jimmy Carter, Usher, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Tichina Arnold, Jennifer Holliday, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Charles S. Dutton, Cicely Tyson, Creflo and Taffi Dollar and many others.

What got you started in makeup?

I got a degree in textiles and fashion. That is what I set out to do when I moved from Columbus, Ohio to Atlanta. However, when I moved to Atlanta I started with fashion and gradually transitioned to makeup and I have not looked back since then. (Laughs) Can you believe I have been doing this for 24 years?

You’ve worked in television for a long time, why did you not transition to film?

Television gives me the freedom I would not have gotten with film. With television, I have the flexibility to move between programs.

What are some of the shows and people you have styled?

I worked on Judge Hatchett for 10 years. I also worked on the morning news show for FOX, whereby I got my Emmy. I have also made up Usher, Tichina Arnold, President Jimmy Carter, Jennifer Holliday and many others.

Let’s talk about your product, The Makeup Bullet.

Well, the Makeup Bullet basically is a makeup blender for the finger. Some people call it a finger blender but I prefer Makeup Bullet. The whole essence of the product is to be fitted on the finger and then proceed to use.

How did the idea for such a product come about?

The makeup bullet came about from having to work on set while having a fast-paced schedule. I thought there could be simpler ways to cut down the amount of time it took to make people up. I went to another friend who was also a makeup artist and pitched the idea to her; she told me she did not like the idea and did not think it would work. After that I thought it was probably not a great idea.

How is the Makeup Bullet Used?

This is a makeup sponge that can be used with anything from foundation, to concealers and setting powder. Due to its size, it’s really ideal for the corners of the face a normal sponge would usually miss. Ideally I would prefer people use it dry. However, if you prefer, you can choose to wet it before use.

So how did you go from not wanting to do it to finally launching the product?

For 7 years, I did not do anything about the idea until one day I went for a conference. On the panel was someone who worked in product and manufacturing. I pitched my idea to them and they decided to help me to do a prototype. It took 11 months to get a prototype done. I gave it to my friends who are makeup artistes to try it and give me their feedback. When I got a positive response from them, I went ahead and decided to produce it. After 5 months, I took it to New York and debuted it. It was sold out after the first day. Since then it has been growing and it is now sold in up to 20 countries.

I was reading up on you and I found out you just don’t do makeup.

Yeah, I am an independent filmmaker.  I have made about 4 films. The first movie was about my mother who passed away when I was 6. While doing the movie, I found my father whom I had never met before. I made another movie titled “3 Days.” That movie was based on the 3 days I spent by my mother after she passed away before my grandmother found me.

You talk about your faith, how does that impact your work?

Well, being a Christian has made me view everybody as beautiful. Even though people talk about the beauty industry being a vain industry, I don’t see it that way. The beauty industry is such a warm place, and I get to interact with people with all kinds of beauty. It is also an influence in the way I tell my stories in my movies.

What has been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge is there being only one of me. When I started out, I tried to do everything I could and since there was only one of me, I couldn’t do it all. I had to give up some certain tasks and focus on the ones in front of me. I wanted to do everything and still maintain my freedom.

What is your advice to upcoming makeup artists?

Do not try to be everything at once. Take your time to hone your craft and do not be afraid to ask for what you want. People are going to tell you no; therefore, do not be afraid of the word no.

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