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How Green Is Your Grass?

Green grass is a symbol of good health and a blossoming stage. The fact that grass is supposed to look green doesn’t mean it happens all by itself. Without it being watered, the grass is sure to wither and die.

It may look like your neighbour’s grass is greener than yours not necessarily because it is of better quality but because he/she takes the time to cater for it. If it looks that good on the other side, it can look even better at your end.

That’s the way we should look at our human relationships. You see your friends’ relationships ‘blossoming’ and you wonder if you made the wrong choice with your partner. You might be committing a big error by merely comparing ‘outside’ impressions and drawing conclusions.  With the proliferation of social media and the obsession of people to show their ‘perfect’ world out there, you don’t have to believe everything you see on digital media. You shouldn’t quit a ‘working progress’ relationship over a mirage of a non-existent perfection.

Just as grass needs to be tended to, and be trimmed so it doesn’t grow out of shape, so do your relationships. If you want it to work out, make time for it. Make efforts to compromise so it will thrive. Having a constant ego battle will tire you both out and it will definitely end.

It is good to draw inspiration from others in order to grow your grass but not to give up on it and covet someone else’s. You have no idea which insects that could be bothering that ‘perfect’ grass on the other side. Yours might not be facing the same problem, but only need watering. So stick to it and make it work.

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