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Glitz Reads: Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu

If this pandemic lockdown has taught us nothing at all, one thing we can all admit to is the need to rethink our money goals. Having to stay home for over a month with people losing jobs, investments and going low on savings, this is the time to reset our money goals to insure ourselves from any future eventualities.

The Smart Money Woman: An African Girl’s Journey to Financial Freedom is indeed a great guide for the contemporary woman to take charge of her finances and be truly independent. It is an interesting read; not your typical textbook-ish self-help book loaded with so much information but lacking in gripping attention. Arese sends her message across in a relatable tale of your typical city girl trying to sort herself out financially.

The book is loaded with practical tips on earning and maximizing your income potential in smart ways whether as a single or married woman. Arese throws in advice about how to manage your finances in relation to your personal relationships to reduce undue dependence on your significant others.

Smart Money Woman is a must read and doesn’t have a lot of pages so even if you don’t like to read much, you won’t find it stifling.

Get ready to be money smart, dear woman.

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