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Glitz Interview with Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Igee Okafor

Who is Igee Okafor? Briefly tell us about you.

I am Igee Okafor – a lover of variety in artistic endeavors. I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. Currently, I live in New York City and I run a lifestyle blog with focus on a well-balanced way of life.

Why did you start a blog and how old is igeeokafor.com?

I started a blog in order to explore my creative talents in writing, and content creation. I was reading a lot of blogs about fashion, décor, food and travel at the time. I felt it was time for me to contribute to the conversation. Igeeokafor.com turned three years old this month. It’s unbelievable. I am so lucky!

Do you have a fashion brand you love?

I have never been one to commit to a particular fashion brand. I have always enjoyed garnering a variety of brands in my wardrobe but lately, Gucci has had my heart. It’s funny because most people would probably describe my style as more traditional/preppy which I do not completely disagree with. Even though Gucci’s branding at the moment is so far from that, I am really drawn to the almost whimsical way they’ve been able to present their products. Most of the clothes may not always be in my style bracket but something about the level of imagination and creativity the products exude when I look at them make me want to be a part of it. Looking forward to what Gucci is going to do every season brings out the little boy in me who had an obsession with coloring books, fantasy and theatre. The costumes, the drama, the references from the past and the future – the idea of getting lost in another world that is so different from the one you’re used to. “Cool” would be the first word I think of when I think Gucci! Very simplistic and basic I know but Gucci is so cool!

What’s your top 5 must have for men?

A navy suit. Single or double breasted is great. Every man needs a suit that makes him feel like the most powerful man in the world. A well tailored, well polished suit can do that and is necessary especially for more formal events.

A crew neck sweater is essential. I am a huge fan of sweaters. Every man needs a clothing item of comfort – something that is guaranteed to elevate any look instantly and a sweater can do that.

I enjoy wearing jeans. A lot of my friends disagree with me but I think they are so comfortable. Also, you can style them with anything.

Loafers are my favorite kind of shoes. I dread tying my shoe laces and loafers present me with an opportunity to avoid that. They can be formal and they can be casual. You want an easy shoe you can just slip into with a guaranteed good look? Loafers are great.

A clean oxford shirt is an essential in blue or white. Look at it like this – you have to have something to pair your suit, your sweater, and your jeans with. A shirt is necessary!

What do you think every gentleman must know how to do?

Every gentleman must know how to tie a tie.

How do you get ready for an evening event?

It depends on what kind of event it is. I’m really busy during weekdays so usually, if I know I have an event that evening, I wear my look the entire day. For more formal events where I have to wear a tuxedo maybe, I really enjoy taking time to enjoy the process. I take about an hour or two to get ready. I shower, I moisturize, I put on my cologne, brush my hair, I dance for a bit and then, I put on my clothes. Nothing too fancy. It would be nice to have one of those glam squads one day. Haha!

What’s the defining moment in your career so far?

Every opportunity I have gotten to challenge myself on any platform has been a defining moment.

Your favorite style tips?

Making sure all of your clothes are well tailored to your body type. I’ve always known this was important but I just recently understood why.

What is your advice to anyone who is looking forward to start a fashion blog?

Make sure you have a strong point of view without having an ego and be willing to collaborate.

What are we to expect from you and igeeokafor.com?

You can expect me to extend myself into other departments in the fashion industry and beyond. There are a lot of things I would like to conquer ranging from entertainment to digital marketing to the basis of fashion design. I am looking forward to growing and learning more about myself. Finding out what makes me tick and figuring out how I can use that to inspire and motivate other people.

With igeeokafor.com, more variety as it pertains to content production is ideal. For example, I would love to tackle video production. The goal generally is putting out quality content on a consistent calendar for a specific kind of man as often as I can – following in the footsteps of some of the most prestigious online magazines in the world today.


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