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GLITZ EXCLUSIVE – Getting to Know Blue Therapy’s Jamel Dietz.

Jamel Dietz, a Ghanaian-born UK-based model, fitness expert and content creator shares his unique experience travelling the world and particularly, his eye-opening travels to Ghana.

How would you describe your growing up? Growing up with 3 sisters and both parents felt normal but growing up in East London has been a crazy and interesting experience. I’ve seen things that no child should have seen but that’s the area I lived in. It made me who I am and made me very woke at a very young age.

Do you think your upbringing and socialization has had any influence on your perspective on being a man in today’s world? Most certainly even if we don’t want it to it has subconsciously. The world continues to tell us as a man we should be speak, talk, and move like this. For a long period of time, I let the world define what a man should look like till I started understanding my personal identity in God. Literally broke the foundation and relayed a new one. Be the authentic you, take accountability, stand up for what you believe and have emotional intelligence. There’s more to say but I’ll probably write a book on it.

In your opinion, how does the world view masculinity today? It’s certainly changed dramatically. It’s almost a mix of traditional and modern. Some will deem it as toxic but it so subjective. One year it would be this, the year after it would be different. I feel the world still trying to define it but like I always say be the authentic you.

In three words describe your experience in Ghana over the past holiday season? Homecoming, Tranquility, and a blast!

How much of an asset has your portfolio as a content creator helped in discovering the diverse cultures in Ghana? I’m a traveler and I love to explore. So that would always help. My portfolio is almost a reflection of what is in my mind.

 Do you feel accepted by the African class of social media influencers? What are your thoughts on collaboration in this regard? YES!! It’s important to create unity and allow Africa to demonstrate its beauty.

What are your thoughts on the current conversation about the LGBTQ+ community in Ghana? If I’m honest that is something I haven’t educated myself enough about as I’m in London but from the little I’ve seen no one should ever judge nor form discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. It’s not right nor is it fair.

You were part of the UK reality show ‘Blue Therapy’. How did you get involved in it and what was the experience like? Literally, from a DM on Instagram & the rest was history. The purpose was to normalize therapy and highlight issues black couples face in modern day society. It was fun and it was an experience, would I do it again, well we shall see.

Any take away home lessons from the show? Be open minded and see things not in one dimension

With your experience on an international reality show of this magnitude, how much of a potential do you think the local industry here in Ghana holds with regards to the concept of making reality TV? The potential is there but it’s up to Ghanaians to push pass their reserved boundaries and exercise the opportunity. Reality TV should be relatable, unpredictable, and entertaining. Sometimes you also got be revolutionary rather than imitate what may have worked in a different culture.

What special areas in content creation do you enjoy most? All of it. From Creative brainstorm to Creative Directing. It’s a reflection of my mind.

How has the landscape for content creators changed in recent time?  What do you think it’ll look like in future? Literally anything can go viral. You just got to be consistent and keep creating. People are always watching. The future will create more content creators and the exposure would be almost unmeasurable.

What are some of the basic concepts an upcoming content creator can explore before hitting the huge numbers? Know your target audience and don’t lose yourself making content. People love authenticity.

Photography – Stephen Eshun

Garments – Senyo Foli & Kojo Boadi

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