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Digital Issue Ozoemena Joseph Chukwu – Beyond Big Brother!

That former Big Brother Naija star, Ozoemena Joseph Chukwu is everybody’s favourite gentleman isn’t surprising anymore!

His calm aura and welcoming smile were the first things we noticed when he walked into our offices for this production. He talks with us passionately about his love for sports and the business side of it. We also delve into his run on the Big Brother Naija reality show and also, a little about his childhood. Enjoy.

How was the Glitz Africa Digital Issue Photo shoot experience for you?

My experience during the shoot was great all round, music, drinks and snacks. The vibe in the studio was fantastic everyone myself included had so much fun.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would it be?

In three word it would be Loyal, Respectful and Caring

What are you most favourite memories of growing up in Lagos?

I didn’t grow up in Lagos. I grew up in Enugu and the best part of growing up was looking forward to TV time with my sisters.

How would you say your upbringing has influenced who you are now?

My upbringing has had a huge impact in shaping who I am and trying to become. I was taught to be humble and respect everyone that I meet regardless of their status. I was also shown so much love and compassion which are huge traits I have as well.

Africa and the world at large got to know you through Big Brother Naija Lockdown, how was the experience like for you?

My experience  in the house was great. The show has given me a great platform I’m forever grateful for. The experience was great; L got to challenge myself everyday with the different tasks which I enjoyed so much.

Do you relive some of the moments in the BBN House and ask yourself questions?

I’ve never had to relieve any moments in the house, I mean I try never to look back at experiences. I just live and learn.

Would you do it again if a second opportunity presented itself?

They say never say never but the likely hood that I’ll be on a reality TV show again looks slim.

Did you find it difficult catching up with fame after the show?

I didn’t find it difficult with the fame. I already had my mind ready before going on the show so I just made sure I controlled the fame and not let it control me.

Your educational background is quiet an enviable one – was it a personal decision to pursue such strides or you were just playing the ‘good son’ card?

I’m a firm believer that education can help shape your mind and in my case that has been the story. It was great that I have parents and siblings who also shared that same mindset. So I believe education has been important for me getting to this point and also for my future.

Your Instagram bio has lots of career affiliations, how do you juggle all that in a day?

The best decision I made was to surround myself with a team that makes sure I get all the jobs done. Of course it’s never easy but come on nothing good or great is ever easy.

Your career as a Sports Analyst began way before BBN, what inspired that interest?

My love for sports was simply inspired by watching my Dad. He is in love with multiple sporting events so I fell in love with them too and took it a set further by understanding the analytical and business sides of these sports.

Do you find the Sports Analyst community a solid backbone for the growth of the Sports industry in Nigeria?

When it comes to sports development in Africa what we need to get right is the foundation and the foundation is grassroots sports development. Everything else can come by but only if we develop our foundation.

Is the current state of Nigerian sports anything to write home about?

The state of sports in Nigeria is the same in most African countries – the foundation seems to be missing.

How inclusive is Nigerian sports when it comes to women?

Women being included within the sports industry is something I believe has taken a set further in recent years. I can’t say for sure what the state is in Nigeria but I believe people should get jobs because of their ability and not gender.


How unique is Ozo among his peers of Sports Analysts?

Lol, I have no idea you’ll have to ask them.

Your announcement as brand manager of Juventus Academy Nigeria was well-received news to your fans and colleagues. What was your immediate reaction when you got the role?

That, dreams do come true. That as long as you work and believe you can achieve whatever you set out to. And above all that I have been blessed to start again on this journey to achieve my goals!

What are some of the new strategies you have brought on board in making the Academy a better place for the students?

We always looked at the academy performance plan that we have and how best we can educate the kids on the fundamentals of becoming football players both on and off the football pitch.

We all know about the ‘Rewind with Ozo’ show and love it. How did it all come about?

The name just came to me in the shower, and I just knew I had to run with it.

Has the feedback from the Sports community been good?

Just like everything in my life, I take the positives and leave the negatives so every part I need to improve I get to work on it and people who come from an extremely negative point I tune them out.

You seem to have lots of fun with your co-hosts on the Budweiser ‘Kings of Football show’. How easy was it creating such chemistry with the other two hosts?

It’s been great working with them and the backroom staff. We all have fun shooting the show everyone has great laughs, jokes and also correct each other where we may be going wrong.

Are there any future projects you would like to embark on in the Sports fraternity?

100% some of them may be out by the time this publication is out so I’ll say stay tuned.

Photography – Twins Don’t Beg (@twinsdntbeg)

Video – Twins Don’t Beg (@twinsdntbeg)

Garments – Atto Tetteh (@attotetteh)


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