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Coping with stress through chiropractic!

Everyone deals with stress in life and we all wonder how we can manage it. Too much stress in our lives could cause lasting negative effects on our bodies, health and general well-being. Some of the stresses that affect us daily stem from relationships, work, financial struggles, injuries that take a toll on our bodies etc. They could overwhelm us and eventually wear us out. Thank God we don’t have to deal with stress alone. Chiropractic adjustments along with making lifestyle changes can minimise stress and reduce anxiety by improving spinal health and function of the nervous system.

Types of stress

Physical stress

This is anything that puts a toll on our body like lifting something improperly, sleeping incorrectly and sitting for long hours in a day or in the wrong manner. The first physical stress that can affect a person is during the birthing process as doctors turn a baby’s head in an uncompromising position; then possibly using forceps, vacuum or a caesarean section. Other physical stresses could be falls, car accidents or injuries of any type that cause pain.

Emotional stress

This is something we are probably familiar with but at the same time, take for granted. It happens when our thoughts and emotions get the best of us. It could be stress from work or the lack of it, family-related stress involving your spouse, significant other, children, in-laws, friends that may have let you down or enemies. It could be due to expectations you have for yourself or someone close to you. We must learn how to handle these emotional stresses that could possibly have more of a detrimental effect than physical stress.

Chemical stress

This may be a type that may be relatively unfamiliar to you but could be just as hazardous to the body internally and externally. Many people don’t realise that what we eat, breathe and put on our bodies could have a lasting effect on us. Toxins could have damaging effects on our bodies especially if we use them in excess. If you notice you are overwhelmed with stress which has affected you negatively with health issues not limited to pains all over your body, chiropractic care from Spinal Clinic Ltd may help you to start your new year off correctly.

How can chiropractic care reduce your stress?

First of all, let’s focus on taking care of ourselves.  Scientifically, chiropractic has proven to help the nervous system work optimally. Chiropractic allows the body to do what it is designed to do by allowing the body to function optimally.

Structure equals function and when the structure of the spine is aligned properly, information from the brain down through the spinal cord, to the nerves, to the rest of the body is optimised. The spine protects the most important system in the body – the central nervous system.

When we are stressed, we tend to not get the proper amount of rest, exercise and appropriate meals to keep our bodies healthy. Chiropractic care helps our digestive system, helps to improve our sleeping habits and increase immune health; so as to enable us live a healthy lifestyle by minimising the stress we put on our bodies.

Also, spinal misalignments also known as subluxations interrupt communication to the nerves that goes to other areas of the body. This reduction of communication may lead to inflammation, a reduction in immune function, and cause your stress load to manifest at an even higher level which could cause sicknesses to occur at a quicker rate.

Thankfully, chiropractic care at Spinal Clinic Ltd could help to minimise unwanted discomforts like headaches, dizziness, back and waist pains, weaknesses, numbness, and have you functioning optimally. Chiropractic also helps the body to fight off issues that could cause sicknesses and deal with stress better. This improves overall health and releases endorphins which are natural stress-relieving chemicals that can decrease stress levels. Case studies state that a staggering 70% of people who receive chiropractic care experience a reduction in stress levels and live a better quality of life.

If you are experiencing or suffering from physical, chemical or emotional stress, find relief and function better with chiropractic care from Spinal Clinic Ltd. Schedule your appointment today at one of our offices. Call our East Legon location at 0244837317 or our Lashibi location at 0246199503.



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Dr Bryan Leon Cox

CEO, The Spinal Clinic

Source: Glitz Africa Magazine Issue 26

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