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Basic Cocktail Terms You Should Know About

For the party lovers, parties without cocktails is never complete. There is therefore the need to have some basic knowledge about cocktails if you are not yet a pro so you would know what is what and not appear ignorant at pub or party.

FREE POUR: This usually means pouring out a drink from the bottle straight into the glass without measuring or whatsoever.

GARNISH: Is the act whereby something is added to a drink apart from the normally ingredients to spice it up or give it an additional flavor. Example: Slice of lime or pineapple, mint etc.

ON THE ROCKS: To pour a drink on ice cubes. On rocks means you want a drink with ice cubes.

NEAT: A drink without ice. A drink poured from the bottle into a glass without ice cubes.

DRY: A cocktail at the dry end of scale which tends to incorporate vermouth.

STRAIGHT UP: It refers to a drink like a martini which is shaken and strained into a glass. In some parts of the world, straight up also means ‘neat’.

DIRTY: A cocktail served with olive and a little of juice added to the mix.

VIRGIN: Is simply a non-alcoholic drink, the term is usually used to order common cocktails without alcohol. Example: Virgin Bloody Mary, Virgin Pina-Colada.


CHILLED: When a cocktail is strained through ice into a glass.

TWIST: It’s a piece of citrus peel added to a cocktail as a garnish. It’s usually taken from a lemon but sometimes taken from an orange or grapefruit as well. It can be roughly hewn, a rectangular strip or a long thin curly piece.

TODDY: Toddy is a short drink made with liquor, granulated sugar or honey, and water or juice. Well you are right when you say it’s similar to punch, it can be served hot or cold.

DISCLAIMER: The articulated point above doesn’t encourage or promote alcoholism, you do so at your own risk.

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