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R-Kelly addresses sexual abuse allegations in new song ‘I Admit’

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Grammy award-winning artist, R Kelly has responded to the sexual abuse allegations leveled against him in his newly released single ‘I Admit’.

The 19-minute song contains lyrics which has the artist defending his actions as something which is a flaw on his part, but does not see the reason as to why he should be judged based on that. He chips in lyrics such as ‘Put some respect on my damn name’, ‘Just let a nigga grow old’, which clearly indicates that the artist is not ready to be brought down simply based on these allegations.

In the lyrics of the song, Kelly admits to a series of things that he’s done in his life. Kelly starts the song by singing, “I admit I done made some mistakes and I have some imperfect ways”. He later sings, “I admit I f…k with all the ladies, that’s both older and young ladies but tell me how they call it pedophile because that s…t is crazy. You may have your opinions, entitled to your opinions, but really am I supposed to go to jail or lose my career because of your opinion”?

A year ago, Kelly was accused of holding a group of ladies hostage in a cult. “What’s the definition of  a cult?” Kelly later asks in the song. “What’s the definition of a sex slave? Go to the dictionary, look it up, let me know I’ll be here waiting”.

According to E! News an Attorney for the family of Jocelyn Savage, one of Kelly’s alleged captives, has disclosed to them in a statement saying,

“Mr. Kelly’s attempt to shift the narrative is quiet telling. Deflection and distraction will not work, my clients are resolute in their desire to reunite with their beloved daughter. Instead of Mr. Kelly releasing songs, Mr. Kelly and his handlers need to release Ms. Savage and allow her to reunite with her parents. Their desire was never to receive money from Mr. Kelly. The Savages only want to end the interference with their relationship with their daughter. Mr. Kelly  as previously stated, we respectfully demand you allow Jocelyn Savage meet with her parents and her family”.

A 20-year old woman, Faith Rodgers, has sued R. Kelly for alleged sexual battery, false imprisonment and concealing an STD. The claim falls in line with the artist ex-girlfriend, Kitti Jones, who publicly alleged in October 2017 in an interview with Rolling Stone that she had also met Kelly at a party and subsequently had a relationship with him in which he was physically abusive and sexually coercive.



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