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Podcasts to keep you informed and entertained amidst shelter in place

Getting yourself through the day without engaging in your usual busy lifestyle can be quite exhausting. The universal language now is to stay home and save lives. But while sheltering in place amidst the COVID-19 chaos, options on the table for a fun and active day become limited. By now, the closet must be going through three-times-a day order of
arrangement, lined up television shows before the lockdown are almost done
watching, radio and television programmes are getting boring to watch due to the shortage of new content.

With the coronavirus still tanking our day-to-day engagements, why not take a chance to explore the wonderful world of podcasts listening for a change? Similar to talk radio shows, podcast comprises a host(s) who take listeners on a conversation ride regarding a particular topic or event under review. Taking into account the stillness of the world now, we have waded through and found some entertaining, informative and educative podcasts to help keep your earplugs on repeat for the time being.

*Righteous and Ratchet *

The KevinOnStage & Doboy coordinated podcast offers hilarious episodes that talk about everything and nothing at the same time. Last updated yesterday April 15, the podcast has by far explored 79 different original fun topics available for listening. It can be found on Apple Podcast.

*Accra WeDey*

Gallery of Feelings. Podak Purple. What’s Your Flavour? This entertaining and informative podcast celebrates the Accra people and highlights the stories of her people. It can be streamed on SoundCloud.

*The Friend zone*

Educative and fun to listen as the trio Dustin Ross, HeyFranHey & Assante delve in deep in conversations relating to mental health and mental hygiene. Available with new episodes every Wednesday on Spotify.

*2 Pesewas*

Spearheaded by Edi and Peaches, ‘2 Pesewas’ discusses a range of issues from lowbrow to high: Hot button headlines, music to discover and love, and other relatable issues. Topics such as Tragedy of the Commons/Dark
Patterns, Breast Ironing/Over 30 and Single, Analysis Paralysis/ Mind Your
Business and many others have been the centre of discussion among the two Tema-based ladies. It’s available to stream on Apple Podcast.

*LinkUp Accra*

LinkUp Accra is a Ghanaian comedy-Vox pop infused podcast based on social experimented Q & A. It explores content on travel, tourism, events, clothes, music, parties, weddings, relationships, drugs, hygiene, lifestyle etc. It’s available on iHeartRadio Podcast.

*Free Your Mind*


As the title suggests, this podcast covers topics like *mind* control, occultism, and the elements of control that keep humanity enslaved. It is programmed to help listeners get rid of anything holding them back mentally. Available on Spotify to stream.

*Me Ne Wo*

Created by Beaux Culture under the category of society and culture, Me-Ne-Wo is a one-on-one dialogue podcast that focuses on very personal happenings and observations in an individual’s life. It covers every aspect of human behaviour while growing up. Available on My Tuner Radio.

*Safe for Work*

Sooner or later the world will be a safer place again for work to resume. In order not to repeat past mistakes that affected your work plan before COVID-19, make an effort to listen to this podcast which tackles everything from how to deal with an open office plan to burnout and work-life balance. Available on Apple Podcast.

*Sincerely Accra*

The Gold Coast Report Joseph Nti(Host) & Kwame Asante(Producer) bring you a vox pop-driven podcast set in Accra. The show is fast paced, colorful and heated just like the city!

*The Unartist*

Join Kofi and Denzel from UNARTISTE.CO as they sip tea and throw shade at the expense of pop culture and the craziness of the world. Available to listen on iHeartRadio Podcast.

By: Larry Adams


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