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New inspirational jewellery brand relocates to the heart of Ghana

SAHMANI is a brand with a vision to connect people with their roots and heritage in a truly meaningful way. What started as a passion project has turned into a full-time occupation and burgeoning boutique brand with a big future. To learn more about this exciting new take on traditional meets contemporary style, we took a closer look at the story behind the brand.

When the founder, Aisha, decided to leave life as a corporate management consultant in London’s business district behind it marked a new beginning for a brand with a rich heritage. She returned to Ghana, during the Year of Return, was blessed with a baby boy and launched a rebranding exercise all in a little over 6 months. As we saw when we took a closer look, the results are already speaking for themselves.

Everything that SAHMANI puts its name to is inspired by Ghana and the Adinkra symbols that the culture has passed down the generations. The result is bespoke, boutique jewellery with a deeper meaning than normal contemporary pieces. When you add the handcrafted gold and silver touches to the mix, it’s not hard to see why SAHMANI has already been taken up by it’s first boutique in Ghana — The Lotte — who have chosen to handpick exclusive pieces.

To date they have chosen gold vermeil pieces from the Cocoa, Fearless, Braid and Charm collections, with each one adding its own signature style and deep meaning. By combining authentic heritage and passion with a deep understanding of handmade Jewellery and finishing, each piece stands out in its own right.


Before we finished we had the opportunity to speak to Aisha about where the brand is going in the next 12 months: “Being in Ghana and introducing my jewellery to boutiques across the country is something I still cannot believe I have the chance to do. It puts me in direct contact with the culture and heritage all of my pieces showcase and is a constant source of inspiration. Over the next 12 months I want to unleash my creativity to explore new areas of Ghanian culture, as well as connecting with boutiques and influencers who are looking for something timeless, original and authentic.”

Wise words indeed from a brand that’s clearly going places. Watch this space to see how SAHMANI pieces reconnect more people with their heritage and culture over the coming years.

SAHMANI jewellery can be purchased through The Lotte or www.sahmani.com for international delivery.

email: support@sahmani.com

+233 (0) 55 513 5235





The Lotte Accra (Icon House, Stanbic Heights)

+233 (0) 592 77 192



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