Maliko is an artisanal luxury shoe and accessory brand based in Nigeria.  In the past few weeks it’s been a chaotic time for my country Nigeria.  Police brutality has kept the entire country on a halt and it has been life threatening as a creative, because we do not move freely in the same country where we are from. Making a collection that is inspired by time consciousness could not have been better
Maliko’s Spring Summer 2021 collection seeks to evoke emotions on the intricacies of time and how time if managed can be of great advantage to us as humans.  Kindly find the link to the images of the collection and the collection story. I believe this will be a great story for your publication.


“I have always been inspired by my grandmother’s love and lifestyle towards the significance of time. She attached so much intent to the values that came with time, and how important it was for things to be done before, or at the exact time. Procrastination was the villain in her story, and of course the heroes/heroine were the success stories that came with getting things done as at when due”.
These were the words of our Creative Director, Ebuka, as he gave us an entire run-through of how spending an enormous amount of his childhood and teenage years with his grandmother hugely influenced him and invariably, the “A Stitch in Time” collection.
“Because I spent so much time with her, the culture was unconsciously imbibed in me. To this, I would forever be grateful. Those very memorable years with her have purposed me and my team to build a brand that values the essence of consciousness, whilst also keeping intact the values of production”, he goes on to say.
In respect to the above, and to the very end of nurtured growth for this collection, we at Maliko decided to generously explore the intricacies of time management, waste management, people culture, and conscious living.
Haven fully explored the merits that comes with “more now’s” and “less later’s” especially in relation to the current situations of every individuals, we went all out – whilst also upholding our brand values and mission, to using materials that represented a piece of individual struggles when it came to time and its management;

Materials, Techniques and their Representation

  • Each strand of yarn and leather are a representation of the problems and trouble that comes with singularity, procrastination and last minute workings.
  • To each problem, is a solution. Our weaving, embroidery, and crocheting techniques are a representation of how solution could be proffered, with the right amount of management and togetherness.

Brand  – Maliko @malikostudios
Creative Director- Ebuka omaliko @Ebukaomaliko
Photographer- Aremu Oluwatobi @aremuoluwatobi
Models- @forevermodelmgmt
                  Success Ohiri @successohiri
                 Ediong Amy
Styling Assistant – Hassan Abiodun @amavesstyle
Collection story – Elvis Kachi @elviskachi
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