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Letitia Wright featured in Hollywood Reporter’s Next Generation Issue

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Black Panther star actress Letitia Wright has been named part of The Hollywood Reporter’s Next Generation Issue. The issue depicts the uniqueness and diverse paths that an actor can become a star in 2018.

In celebration of the 25-year of running and publishing the Next Generation Issue, the multi-platform American digital and print magazine featured the 25-year old Guyana born actress Letitia alongside Crazy Rich Asian’s Awkwafina, Netflix sensation Noah Centineo and counterculture indie icon Ezra Miller, on separate covers. The four featured youngsters got to discuss their upbringing and how their new -found fame in Hollywood is treating them together with other pertinent issues regarding their career.

Letitia, whose popularity to fame fueled up to the highest minimal with the 2018 released fantasy/science fiction film Black Panther, disclosed to the magazine the depressed state she found herself in, in 2015, which only took her rekindled faith in Christianity to bring her back to herself. According to the actress, the fact that big names are lined-up in a scripted role offered her with a big budget isn’t a convincing factor enough to accept the role just as it comes, “I pride myself on keeping it the same as when I came into acting, to not just change the lane and take everything, just because it may have a big name or a big budget,” she says. “Am I right for this part? Is this what I should be playing? If something feels off in my spirit, I know that’s God’s way of saying, “You shouldn’t do that.”

Her scheme to become a famous and influential actress at a teenage age came along with her doing things one might consider as ‘weird’, the actress recalled the days she used to hand-deliver her own resume to casting agencies in London and how at times she puts them in letterboxes  just to run-off after, “I never really knocked on the door, just put it through the letterbox and ran.”

She not only delivered the letters herself, but then also wrote to herself pretend emails from WME with audition invitations and using the agency’s logo as her computer screensaver, “First I had CAA, but I was like, it’s too red. I like WME, the blue background is more earthly. And right now, I have an email from someone at WME,” says Wright.

To the calls and call backs she never received from casting agents she wrote to and auditioned for to now getting roles from one of them, Wright recounts the moment as “It was a moment of realizing: You’ve come a long way.”

Photo credit to: The Hollywood Report

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