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Featured: How to have the perfect wedding

When it comes to your wedding day, let’s be honest, the perfect scenario is that it is, well, perfect, with the event creating lifelong memories that people continue to treasure. That very concept can create panic and an overwhelming feeling of stress, but by keeping your calm and sensible planning head very firmly in place, the whole process can be one of enjoyment and positivity.

Here are our top five tips on how to have the perfect wedding without turning into a nervous wreck in the process.

  1. Plan

Forget turning into an organisational freak but remember that this is an important occasion so whether you go big or small, things like lists and mood boards help. Of course, forgetting minor things is very unlikely to spoil the day itself but it’s better not to simply leave things to chance. This is your day, so you want to enjoy it and not get wrapped up in sorting things out on the day.

Remember that a wedding is about two people so both parties should have their say regards the vision of the wedding and as in marriage itself, this is likely to involve a bit of give-and-take.

  1. Set a Budget

It may not be the most romantic of subjects but finances matter. Many a couple have spent a king’s ransom on a wedding, to then look back in future years when the bills are stacking up and regret their exuberance.

Set a realistic budget and stick to it as much as you can as often the best decisions come from those made with the head as opposed to the heart.

  1. Think of the small things

Often the most memorable things about the wedding can be the small, seemingly insignificant details. A handmade gift, personal touches or even ensuring everybody’s individual needs and necessities are taken care of can be the things that truly matter. It is more about the care and thoughtfulness of the planning than exuberant decadence.

  1. Look at the big picture

Yes, you may have always dreamt of a wedding in that castle in the middle of the countryside, but in order to avoid unnecessary stress, do consider the people who you want to be there being able to get there. Many a wedding tear has been shed over people not being able to travel to the occasion, not being able to afford the cost of the necessary accommodation and other such matters. Of course, it is your day and what you want is absolutely first and foremost, but the success of your enjoyment of that day is likely to include others, so the balance has to be right.

  1. Enjoy the day itself

When the planning is done, it’s time for YOU to enjoy yourself. The day that you planned for is indeed about you and so this is not the time to go checking timings, food prep or filling people’s glasses.

Take your place in the limelight and truly have a day to always remember.

By Evelyn Okpanachi

Wedding Expert & Founder of www.theperfectpackagecompany.co.uk


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