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Emma Stone’s hairstylist reveals 4 weather- proof tips for red carpet hair

She is either seen rocking blond hair or red hair, but the undisputed fact about the Academy Award winner’s hair is, its relaxed and glowing nature matched up with her gowns and casual looks. Walking on world famous red carpets, attending photo calls day-in-and-day-out, gracing numerous lifestyle and fashion magazine as cover girl, Emma Stone has not for once been back lashed by the press for bad hair conditioning.  Thanks to the wonderful works of celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak, who keeps our La La Land actress hair in shape.

Most recently, she created Emma Stone’s soft waves, featuring fresh yellow-to-red roses, which she wore to the New York City premiere of The Favorite. Sharing her tips with E!, as to how she creates some of the most relaxing but iconic red carpet hair looks for celebrities, she revealed below.

Fresh Hair Requires Hydration

“Moisturizers, beautiful conditioners, creams and oils are fall essentials because your hair tends to be more dry. I am in love with Joico’s KPACK Color Therapy Multi Perfecting Spray. It is everything your hair needs.”

Amp Up Your Accessories

“I did a bow on Emma’s hair recently with a ribbon. I like ribbons, bows and flowers.”

Swap Out Curling Irons for Braids

“You know, braiding the hair first really works to give you a nice base of a wave. But then, you can use those curl irons to sort of touch it up. I don’t like waves that are too manipulated or too manufactured looking. So just keeping it natural with your wave and working with your natural texture.”

Swap Out Alcohol-Based Products for Oils in Cold Weather

‘I do love that kind of super shiny slicked look, but I love using oil. What you don’t want to do is use a major alcohol-based product when it comes to potentially being in the rain or getting wet because it’ll get hard and get weird when you add water to it, so making sure to not use a lot of hair spray with aerosol and use more oils.”


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