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A roundup of some Fashion and Costumes

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Before the main dish comes the starter, your lead magazine in fashion and lifestyle, we gear ourselves up every year, towards the biggest night of glam and style, Glitz Style Awards.

Last year, we commemorated the nominees party with a Vintage theme. This year, however, we making it an open book with the theme, Fashion and Costume. Come dressed up like your favorite movie character or a trademark of your favorite celebrity on a normal day or in their signature style on red carpets.

To serve as a guide to what the costume and fashion themed party requires of you as a guest, here is a roundup of some movie characters in costumes that leaves much detail than the role played alongside a couple of our A-list stars that, since their break into stardom are known with a common style that easily helps spot them among the celebrity flood list.

Wonder Woman

Don’t just come to party,  but let your costume play the superhero cards for a win by making an entrance on the red carpet dressed up as Wonder Woman. Tracing our enslavement history as Ghanaians to The Amazons, who wore the Wonder Woman signature bracelet, it wouldn’t be bad to pay homage to something relatable.

Kylie Jenner

For a young sneaky girl, who probably wants to have fun since she is not expectant of any award you may want to go for some of the styles of the youngest self-made billionaire ever, Kylie Jenner. Just get yourself some tight mini straight dress matched up with boots and fur coat to cover up for feeling cozy sake.

Black Panther

Goosing up as one of the best sold-out movies in cinemas few weeks after its release, the movie not alone told the African story on the big screen, but also came with its own fashionable looks that goes in history books of style. You may want to come in as a Dora Milaje or an undercover spy for Wakanda, cloth in  green, Nakia, not forgetting the Black Panther himself, T’Challa.

Legend of the Seeker

It won’t be bad to have a sister’s duo come dressed as the female lead characters in the movie, Legend of the Seeker. Just decide, who will be the caring Mother Confessor with a fragile heart and the stone, fierce woman, Cara of the Mordsith army.

Game of Thrones

I’m pretty sure the entire red carpet would be rolled out and rolled open again for any Glitz fan, who will come in dressed as any character from the award winning drama series, Game of Thrones. The Khaleesi hair braid is up for grab, Jon Snow on a mission fur coat can’t be left out of the options and Cersei’s long queen gown with the short haircut for the face look.

James Bond


The James Bond inspired dapper men will probably be holding on their suits and ties for the big event, but then two nights in a row feeling classy in style will not be bad for a style weekend.

Kim Kardashian

We simply can’t do fashion and costume and rule out the queen of crop tops and tight stretched pants. When going for the Kim Kardashian trendy style, don’t forget the one’s in a time blond hair for the streets.


If you are a big fan of Beyoncé concerts, you must have noticed a regular pattern. She brands herself on stage for most shows, since she needs all the space on stage to move and dance to perfection. A khaki jeans and a sweated jacket is the regular costume for the queen, Beyoncé. You coming as Beyoncé, just as I am? Let’s meet at the party then.

Handmaid’s Tale

Get your girl squad on board and let’s talk ladies on a mission.













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